Token Based Authentication using Core Web Api

Using  Token Based Authentication, clients are not dependent on a specific authentication mechanism. A token is generated by the server  if the user is authenticated and send it back to the user.

So to acces  a specific ressource, the client must include the generated token in the header of subsequent requests and the Web API Server have some APIs to understand, validate the token and perform the autorization

This approach provides Loose Coupling between client and the Web API.

In my previous tutorial   Angular JS Token-based Authentication using Identity and web API   I have build an  authentication server using an oAuth Bearer Token.

In this tutorial, I will use JSON Web Token (JWT) , for more information about JWT please take a look at

JWT enable us to securely transfer data between server and client .

A JWT Token is composed of 3 parts base64 encoded separated by a dot(.) : a header, a payload and a signature :  header.payload.signature

  • Header : contains a Typ (should be JWT) and  a Hashing algorithm HS256, RS512, ES356, etc…

  • Payload  contains the information witch we need to transfer to client such as Claims  related to the token

  • Signature    A Hash of Header and Payload using a secret Key


JWT therefore allows to exchange content for an authenticated user due to the secret key used in the signature. The signature also ensures the integrity of the content.

Even if every one can  holds the token, he cannot tempored the payload due to the signature with the Secret Key.

SSL helps prevent against to MitM  (man-in-the-middle) attacks.


Securing our web application consists of two scenarios  Authentication and Authorisation

  1. Authentication identifies the user. so the user must be registered before, using login and password or third party logins like Facebook, Twitter,
  2. Authorisation  talks about  Permission for authenticated users
    – what is the user (authenticated) allowed to do ?
    – What ressources can the user access ?

I’m going to  build a Token-based Authentication  Server using ASP.Net Core Identity , ASP.Net Core Web API and Entity Framework Core

So lets create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application Project




install this packages

install-package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity

install-package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.EntityFrameworkCore

install-package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer

install-package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools

Setup Indentity database

Create a User model that inherits from IdentityUser and extend it with additional properties such as JoinDate, JobTitle and Contract.


Create a Role model that inherits from IdentityRole and extend it with additional properties such as Role Description


Create an IndentityContext that inherits from IdentityDbContext<MyUser>


Create an AppSettings.json file and add a ConnectionString:  SecurityConnection


Open StartUp.cs class , locate  ConfigureServices method :  ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)  and add the following to configure our SecurityContext to point to SecurityConnection witch point to sql database configured in AppSettings.json file

Configure Asp.Net Core Indentity to use our custom user and role ( MyUser and MyRole)


Locate Configure method and add  app.UseIdentity  in middleware


Open Package Manager Console.

Initialise migration  :    add-migration init

Upadate or Create the Database  : update-database

The generated database looks like this


Register User


  Test Register user

I use a google extensions Postman to test api




Get Ressources

Here , I log the user , if the user is authenticated with its credentials (email and password), I get the user claims , add additionnal claims related to JWT, Create Security Token and return it


Locate Configure method and app.UseJwtBearerAuthentication  in middleware  to validate the token


The protected ressource  look like this


Test API With Postman

get token   (localhost:58834/api/auth/token)


Send Query to get ressource by including valid token in the header (localhost:58834/api/values)


Send Query to get ressource by including invalid token in the header (localhost:58834/api/values)


The entire scenario

Code source is available on my Github repository (

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