Mastering Custum ASP.NET MemberShip Provider using ASP.NET MVC

In this tutorial we learn how to create a custom Membership provider to store and retrieve data associated with a user in SQL Server tables.  So we can use the default ASPnetDB database or use a  separate  databse from the standard ASP.NET membership provider’s default database.

The principles covered in this tutorial will apply to creating Membership providers for other databases like Access and Oracle. After learning how to create the custom Membership provider we learn how to use the it  in a web site and finally we will extend it to use external logins like facebook, google, yahoo. etc…

This tutorial is part of a articles :

  1. Creating the Application Services Database for SQL Server
  2. How to configure Custom Membership and Role Provider using ASP.NET MVC4

  3. How to configure Custom Membership Provider using ASP.NET MVC4 with external login like facebook, yahoo , google or other relying party accounts.

  4. ASP.NET MVC Custom Membership Password Hashing based on SALT key using SHA-3 Algorithm



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