Build 2016 : What’s New in TypeScript

Build 2016 : What’s New in TypeScript

TypeScript has seen enormous growth in the past year. Today, it is used to build several key frameworks like AngularJS, Ionic etc. Several large applications such as Visual Studio Code and Office Web Applications are also built using the same, with more coming online every day. Are you curious why marquee frameworks and large scale apps choose TypeScript? In this talk, we’ll go through how TypeScript enables you to leverage features from the current and future of JavaScript while increasing the productivity of JavaScript development across the board. We’ll talk about some of the latest features of TypeScript, including future ECMAScript proposals such as Async Functions, support for Angular and React/JSX, the state of the art type system capabilities, and how it all comes together to make working and creating things in JavaScript more productive and fun with TypeScript.


I'm a microsoft most valuable professional (MVP) .NET Architect and Technical Expert skills located in Paris (FRANCE). The purpose of this blog is mainly to post general .NET tips and tricks, Gora LEYE

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